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The best beaded Christmas ornaments in 2018

The best beaded Christmas ornaments in 2018

Christmas is less then 3 weeks away. I am looking forward to visit my family. We see each other only at unique occasions because of the distance between us. My sister has two small children, and this is a very special time to spend with them. I remember the Christmases of my childhood and I know how important those memories are (I wrote about them in last year’s Christmas article). 2 years old Kristina and 4 years old Dominik live now the Christmases which will hopefully become treasured memories one day. And hopefully I can be a part of those…

Christmas is about slowing down, focusing on the moment and enjoying each other’s company. But is it possible to switch into ‘holiday mode’ the moment we finish working, and be right there for our loved ones fully, without thinking about to-do lists and deadlines? I love to slowly tune in the holiday mode. A perfect way to do so is to prepare for the holiday all through the weeks of Advent.


What could be better, then to bead some holiday ornaments for ourselves and our loved ones?

Here is the list of my favourite beaded Christmas ornaments this year!


    1. Snowflake Bauble cover by Tereza Soukupova
      If you would like to get familiar with some of the newest and most intriguing bead shapes, while working on your beaded Christmas ornaments, then Terka’s project is a must! It uses the elegant IrisDuo and StormDuo beads, and also my beloved rhinestones in a metal setting. The Snowflake Bauble cover is available as a free video tutorial, and Terka linked all the necessary beads below the projects.
    2. KRISmas star beading tutorial by Kris Empting-Obenland
      This must be the most popular beaded Christmas ornament ever! If you don’t believe it, then check out the ‘sold’ section in Kris’s Etsy store, then grab your copy to bead one (or a whole set) for your own Christmas tree 🙂 I love the clever construction, there is so much to learn from this project!
    3. Candle holder ‘Turrets’ by Sandra Scholte
      What’s a better way to get into holiday mode, then to bundle up on the couch and read one of your favourite books, sipping hot chocolate or some sweet mulled wine? Light a candle nestled neatly in the ‘Turrets’ candle holder, and play some Christmas music.
      My favourite music for the season is Angelo Branduardi’s ‘State buoni se potete’ – I highly recommend to check out the film, too.
    4. Bicone Swirl 3D Peyote star by Marca Smit
      Do you like to prepare your own Christmas tree ornaments? What a question, right? 😀 Marca Smit of DiMarca Online  has dozens of different variations available. This one is my favourite because of the shiny Swarovski bicone beads she used.
      Marca also created a beadalong in her Facebook group dedicated to beaded Peyote stars, so this is the perfect time to try your hand with beading one!
    5. Snowflake beading tutorial by Helena Tang-Lim
      A challenging but rewarding piece of beautiful beadwork!
      You will learn tons of new tricks from Helena while you bead your snowflake. The result is a magnificent, elegant piece of beadwork, the highlight of every Christmas tree.
    6. Christmas Tree Ornament by Edwin Batres and Aurelio Castano
      I like to set up tiny decorations in my windows. Three years ago I cut out and glued about a dozen typical Amsterdam canal houses on the glass. However, it was a lot of work, and most of the houses were torn when I removed them after the holidays. Edwin’s and Aurelio’s Christmas Tree Ornament would be perfect to sit in the window. You can match the decoration on the beaded tree to your “real” tree, and can reuse it next year, too. The tree is complete with a tiny star sitting at the top, and the guys even have a free snowflake video tutorial, so you can bead a matching shape to wear as a pendant!
    7. Kite and Cali Poinsettia bracelet by Susan Sassoon
      The holidays are less then three weeks away, but there is still enough time to bead some Christmas gifts to your best friends and family. If you choose the project wisely… There are probably not enough days left if you would like to bead all your female relatives a wide Peyote bracelet, but Susan’s bracelet made of Cali beads Kite beads builds up fast. And if you opt for green and red beads, then the jewellery will match your Poinsettia.
    8. Lacy Snowflake by Iulia Postica
      I hope nobody gets offended if I confess, that this beaded snowflake is my absolute favourite from this year’s finds. Iulia’s design is elegant, airy and it would look absolutely beautiful with this white opal cabochon in the middle! I hope I will have enough time tomorrow to bead one for the Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolaus) event we have in the language school in the evening.
    9. Starlette pendant by Erika Sandor
      Not in typical Christmas colours, but finally I have a special beaded pendant for the upcoming holidays. The shape is a 9-pointed star, and it’s built up from Czech fire polished beads (including the 3-hole RounTrio by Potomac Beads), Japanese seed beads and a 14 mm rivoli in the middle. I like to wear statement jewels for the holidays (and for ordinary days, too, LOL), but the motif can also be used as a beaded Christmas tree decoration, if it’s too big for you as a pendant.
    10. The Guardian Angel by Tracey Lorraine
      My grandma used to love figurines. She used to fill her cabinet in the living room not only with fancy plates and glasses, but with tiny ornaments, too. I don’t know if she ever bought herself one. All I can remember were gifts from grandkids. If she would be still with us, I would bead Tracey’s Guardian Angle for her this year.
    11. Christmas pickle by Chloe Menage of Pinkhot
      I was slightly puzzled when Chloe sent me the link to her Christmas pickle beading pattern. I have never heard of or have seen such a thing. What does a pickle have to do with Christmas? Is it a tradition I don’t know or did Chloe made it
      up, following in the steps of all the novelty shapes of Christmas ornaments?
      It didn’t take much googling to find out that Christmas pickles do exist 😀 And finally we have a beaded one, too, with matching earrings, if you like!
      Check out Chloe’s whole collection of beaded Christmas ornaments!
    12. Hope pendant by Silke Steuernagel
      Stars don’t always have to be only silver or gold, right? These happy pendants from Silke were made as a Starman Trendsetter project, so you can ask for it in your local bead shop! Which one is your favourite colour combination? I love them all!
    13. Rudolf earrings or pendant by Vezsuzsi
  1. Beaded Nativity Pattern Set by Katie Dean 
    I left the best for the end! Katie, a fellow Beadsmith Inspiration Squad designer created a whole beaded nativity set, complete with Mary, Joseph, kings, shephards and the crib with baby Jesus, of course! Katie, could you come up with a beaded sheep and cow to make the scene complete, please? 😀
    Katie has tons of great Christmas beading projects, make sure to check them out!


Do you plan to bead a Christmas ornament this year? Show us in a comment the design you will bead!
Wishing you happy, peaceful holidays:

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    Great summary Erika!

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      Thanks, Ziva!

      Erika Sandor
      Dec 10, 2018 Reply
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      I’m glad you like it, Ileana! Do you have a favourite?

      Erika Sandor
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