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How to be boho or moreover: boho chic?

How to be boho or moreover: boho chic?

Since the beginning of this year, we had several different themes in focus. New Storytelling jewelry, tutorials, interesting products were inspired by themes as India, Something Special in My Heart, and The Traveller. This gives us the freedom to go into depth, to talk about sources of inspiration, the details, and opportunities to grow our skills.

In October 2020 we are inviting you to focus on creating Boho Chic beaded jewelry!


What is ‘Boho’ and ‘Boho Chic?’

Freedom, happiness, openness to all cultures, peace, love, understanding, and respect for others. It’s simple to relate to the idea, right? Boho is stylish and easy to follow for every generation. With boho, you have the opportunity to express your own style – it can be extravagant and grabs immediate attention. It’s happy, feminine, dares to use colors, combines together different materials and styles.

Hippy, vintage, and retroelements find their place there. It represents an alternative to the traditions, expressing a more liberated lifestyle.
Bohemian art is dreamy, romantic, unique, eccentric, even dramatic, strongly representing individualism.
As it has its roots in the hippy style, merges a specific fashion style with lifestyle. If anyone is acquainted with taking part in festivals, spiritual events, regular travels, and search for freedom can easily relate to ‘Boho Chic!’



Boho became a compilation of ethnic, folk, and floral motifs, hippy elements, and unique components. From clothes to accessories: it uses a wide selection of natural textiles, geometric forms, earthy colors, and imprints. It allows using big contrasts and a lot of jewelry!

A bit of history…

Bohemian style was always seen as a counterculture.

“According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, originally, Bohemian was a term applied to the Roma gypsies in France, who were mistakenly thought to have come from Bohemia. Soon enough, however, the term was instead increasingly applied to the free-spirited but poor artists who often found themselves living a lifestyle that at least economically, was not dissimilar to that of the heavily marginalized Roma people. There are basically three elements that come together to describe a member of the bohemian subculture from the mid-19th century onwards: creative pursuits (music, art, writing) a rejection of social mores, and poverty. Constant travel (often because of economic necessity) and political dissent often came hand in hand with the bohemian lifestyle.”




“The general perception of the era was that artists dressed similarly to nomadic gypsies. As a result, ‘bohemian’ became synonymous with a culture, or, better said, counterculture, associated with creativity, artistic expression, as well as disregard to social constructs and mainstream aesthetics.” (


Boho Accessories

It can be a lot of things! Colorful bags, shoes, hats, and belts of interesting patterns, not short of ethnic and geometric motifs, crochet and knitted features, showy tassels, and pom-poms.



About ‘Boho Chic’ jewelry…

If you are looking at plain and simple accessories, that’s probably not bohemian. Inspiration can come from Mexican, African, Moroccan, Indian, and Turkish elements.

Bohemian jewelry is the very opposite of the minimalistic look, departing from the polished and conventional trends, even provocative. Don’t use perfectly polished and glistening shiny pieces, but rather apply matted material! Turquoise gems, engravings, pearls, opal, and Moroccan inspirations are nearly a “must be” feature combined with leather and suede.

Necklaces can be very long and in more layers or at least big and conspicuous. Nature is in focus – minerals, shells, textile, leather, metal, or even colorful feathers.

Earrings and rings are also big and showy with tassels combined with pearls. Rings are never enough, we can wear some on every finger. They are usually made of metal with big stones of unusual forms and shapes in the middle and pearls embroidered around them. Bracelets are extremely popular, always wearing more than one at once and made of different materials.

How to achieve the boho jewelry style?

  • Fringes, pom-poms, and tassels
  • Nearly everything matches with everything
  • Earthy colors, using 3-4 shades of the same color palette
  • Antique jewelry
  • Rustic details
  • Ethnic, folk, paisley, tribal, and floral patterns
  • Hats, headbands, and hairpins
  • Necklaces in more layers
  • Stacking several bracelets of different materials
  • Moroccan, African and Mexican elements
  • Oversized pendants and large rings
  • Turquoise
  • Lots of bracelets and bangles
  • Metal components

What are no-goes for boho jewelry?

If you plan to make boho jewelry, don’t shop for neon colors, plastic, saturated metallic shine, futuristic components.

Boho style is perfect for self-expression, to show our actual mood, we can set wings on our imagination, creativity, and bravery. Because this style will need some of them 🙂


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