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How to place a custom order

Don’t worry, I get it.

You like the style of the jewellery here, but you just can’t seem to find the perfect piece. One is nice, but the size doesn’t fit, the other one would sit perfectly, but the combination of the colours is not entirely yours. It can also happen that you like the design, but instead of a ring you would like to wear it as a pendant. Or a whole set of earrings-bracelet-necklace etc.

Since I don’t like to settle for “good enough”,

I would like to offer you my extra services, 

so we can create your special piece together.

On the right you can see all the necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. which are eligible for custom ordering. That means that I can recreate them in a different colour or size according to your wish.

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    The delivery time can vary according to the design you choose and the availability of the material. I will do my best to finish it as fast as possible. Also, it’s important that you tell me in advance if you need the jewel ready and delivered for a special occasion. During the process we will be in touch, so you will always know what’s happening and how is it going.


    A custom ordered jewel requires work and efficient communication from both sides. Me and you, too.

    At the beginning you need to describe the piece you would like to order as accurately as possible. The size, the colour combination you desire and if you happen to have any allergies to metals or anything else. I also need to know about the colours, components, shapes you don’t like. After I started to work on your jewel, it’s not always possible to change these options.

    I will contact you if I have an extra question, and it’s important that you respond to me as soon as possible (ideally within 24 hours), so the work can continue. The lack of a timely answer delays the delivery of the finished piece.


    Most of the time the price of a custom ordered jewel is the same as for the already finished one. In some cases it can be lower or higher, depending on the size of the piece and the price of the material. After you send me your specifications, I will present you with the price and the date of delivery, and you can decide if you would like to order or not.

    If you decide to work with me: in case of a custom order you will be charged 20% of the price in advance. I will start to work on your jewel immediately after the payment arrived (through PayPal or by bank transfer). The remaining 80% of the price will be payed before dispatching the package.


    In the very improbable case that I can’t deliver the jewel in time, I make a mistake in following your specifications, or I can’t find the material needed for your jewel, the whole price (the advance payment and the remaining 80%, too) will be refunded to you.

    In case the jewel is finished in time and it is following every detail you gave me in advance, but you still don’t like it, the advance payment will not be returned. Don’t worry, I know it can happen, and I will be happy to work with you in the future.


    Delivery in person is possible in Amstredam, The Netherlands. It has the added value for a chance to meet and have a coffee together 🙂

    In case you live in a different spot of the Earth you can choose between unregistered and registered mail. In case of an unregistered package it’s not possible to apply for compensation, if the package or its content is lost or damaged during delivery. It is cheeper, but there is a risk, too.

    Registered mail costs more, but in case something happens to the package on the journey to you, it’s possible to apply for a compensation.

    The package can also be sent via a courier service.