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SuperDuo Duets: 2-colour and 2-hole innovation!

SuperDuo Duets: 2-colour and 2-hole innovation!

Do you remember the launch of the first 2-hole beads, the SuperDuos? I do, very well, and don’t even want to think about the era before Sabine Lippert‘s genial idea! Sabine’s flash and the SuperDuos were quickly followed by dozens of other innovative shapes. However, after the first few product launches so many new shapes hit the market, it really started to be overwhelming. For beaders and bead shop owners, too. After the initial excitement and struggle to keep up, a phase of cooling down was coming in both cases, and the question arose: Do we need so many new beads?


However, there is something totally new happening now.

Even if there is a wide variety of shapes available now from 2, 3 and 4 hole beads, they all had something in common until now. However big or small, all the shaped beads were coloured only with one shade. On the 16th of November Beadsmith is introducing a totally new concept, featuring a different colour on each holed side of the beads! They decided to return to the basics, and try it first with good old SuperDuos. The new beads are called ‘SuperDuo Duets’, and offer new possibilities in beadwork:

  • You can combine them with different matching SuperDuos from each side, and create an ‘ombre’ effect.
  • Designs using Duets create movement and are more dynamic.
  • While you experiment with this innovative idea, you can rely on the precise shape and dimensional stability of the SuperDuos. It’s no wonder that after so many new bead shapes they are still the most beloved from all the multi-holed beads!
  • You can bead all the SuperDuo patterns you already have and achieve a completely different result!

I think we can confidently say, that yes, we do need the SuperDuo Duets!

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-08-31-50 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-08-32-09 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-08-32-21 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-08-32-34 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-08-32-48


Would you like to be between the first beaders to try it out?

Thanks to Beadsmith two lucky beaders will receive 50 grams of SuperDuo Duets together with some matching classic SuperDuos! So how about a little playtime? Tell me what are your first thought about the new 2-coloured beads, and get a hance to win!

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Inspiration from all around the world

Members of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad started to play with the new SuperDuo Duets just recently, but apparently the new concept already inspired dozens of new ideas. Scroll through them to have the creative juices flowing, and visit the artists’s websites and Etsy shops for the tutorials specifically developed for the new concept!



Akke Jonkhof made great use of the Duets. I love how dynamic this bracelet became thanks to the new beads!


Sharri Moroshok came up with different beaded beads and joined them into a necklace.


Julie Romero‘s luxurious necklace. Made in Paris, fit for the catwalk 🙂

Christina Neit of Good Quill Hunting combined the Superduo Duets with fire polished beads and lots of seed beads. With the cabochon in the middle her motif looks like an oriental mandala.



Swarovski Elements rivoli bezeled by Eva Dobos, adorned with Half Tilas, Miyuki and lots of Superduo Duets.



Katie Dean‘s SuperDuo Duet bangles are between my favourites. She combined the new 2-colour 2-hole beads with some Miyuki seed beads and Honeycomb Jewels. Thanks to tension and specificthread path the bangles are sturdy yet comfortable to wear.



Susan Sassoon also went for the Superduo Duet – Honeycomb combo. I love her colours! The bracelet is just the best to try your hands on, if you are new to beading.



Joanne Zammit made a pair of elegant earrings. Keep an eye out for her SuperDuo triangle tutorial, it is perfect for the new beads!



Another beauty from Julie Romero.



An elegant set of bracelet and earrings from Akke Jonkhof.



Bianca van der Molen‘s pendant with Superduo Duets, Honeycomb Jewels and seed beads.


Would you like to read more about the new 2-coloured 2-hole beads? Follow these links for some interesting articles:

Beading Daily on the SuperDuo Duets

Joanne Zammit: The launch of the new SuperDuo Duets™

Wescott Jewelry: New beads: the SuperDuo Duets

Have fun with the new beads, beaders, and let me know in a comment, how do you like the SuperDuo Duets!


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