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Anesidora beaded beads tutorial


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  • Swarovski Elements bicone beads
  • fire polished beads
  • 16 x 11 mm wooden donut bead
  • Miyuki seed beads
  • thin beading needle
  • 0.12 mm (6LB) Fireline
  • bead mat
  • thread burner or scissors



Size of the finished piece of beadwork: cca. 1.5 x 1.9 cm / 0.6 x 0.75 inch.


Buying this tutorial enables you to finish the jewel for personal use and also to sell the finished product.



The diagrams and written instructions are clear and easy to follow, but remember, that you are always only a mail away from me if you need more help or have problem with finding the right material.


In Greek mythology, Anessidora – or Pandora – was the first woman on earth. A gift and punishment from the gods at the same time.

After Prometheus stole the secret of fire from the Olympus, Zeus instructed Athena and Hephaistos to create a beautiful being from mud: Pandora. She got a unique gift from all the gods, too, and arrived between the people bringing a jar or box containing all the evil and illnesses.
Prometheus warned his brother not to accept anyithing from the gods, but he didn’t listen and offered a shelter to the newcomer when she arrived. And the same way, as Epimetheus couldn’t withstand to invite the girl to his home, the jar seemed just as irresistible to Pandora.
After opening the lid, all the evil and all the deadly illnesses closed into the jar escaped and started to roam freely. The peaceful community of people changed into something different that day. Pandora got scared after letting out the harming spirits and quickly closed back the rest. But only Hope remained there – as the most feeble and week, being oppressed at the bottom.
What do you think: was it another punishment as Hope would help them in troublesome times or was it falso Hope and it’s goog Pandora didn’t let it out?


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