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I’m sure you know Chrysanthemum, the multi-layered flower with a yellow center. You may have seen it on a celebration, as Chrysanthemum suppused to be the gift for the 13th wedding anniversary. If you live in Chicago, than this is the official flower of your city. Or maybe you know it from your grandparents garden full of flowers and different fruit trees – just like me.

And now, you can wear it as a bracelet!

This little flower has a long tradition, tracing back to Asia and North–Eastern Europe to the 15th century BC. In China it represents autumn and is one of the “Four Gentlemen” or “Four Noble Ones” – a quartet of flowers widely depicted in the country’s paintings, symbolizing the four seasons.

In Japan it’s even more popular, being the official flower of the imperial family, and the “Chrysanthemum Throne” meaning the position of the Emperor himself. In contrast to Italy, where the flower is strongly asssociated to death, in Japan it stands for joy and happiness.
On the ninth day of the ninth month both Japan and China holds a festival dedicated to the Chrysanthemum flower.



– Czech and Japanese glass beads,
– metal components (without nickel, cadmium and lead),
– glue,
– Fireline thread.


The motiv is cca. 3 cm / 1.2 inch wide. The ring itself is of universal size.


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