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Dragon Pagoda beaded bead tutorial


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  • 2-hole triangles,
  • fire polished beads,
  • 12 x 8 mm semi-precious donut,
  • 17 x 11 mm fire polished donut,
  • Miyuki seed beads,
  • thin beading needle,
  • 0.12 mm (6LB) Fireline,
  • bead mat,
  • thread burner or scissors.



Size of the finished piece of beadwork: 2.3 x 2.5 cm / 0.9 x 1 inch.


Buying this tutorial enables you to finish the jewel for personal use and also to sell the finished product.



The diagrams and written instructions are clear and easy to follow, but remember, that you are always only a mail away from me if you need more help or have problem with finding the right material.



Sometimes I feel small and insignificant. And the one who does only trouble even if having only good intentions, and can ruin everything despite all the trying. Those are the moments I wish there were dragons installed on our roofs and at our gates and entrances, to remind us of the strength and courage we have – just like in Asia.

The KOREAN DRAGON, IMOOGI got its power from the sun god.
The legend says, that the sun god gave power to a girl, who was transformed to the Imoogi on her 17th birthday. While in human form, she was bearing a dragon-shaped mark on her shoulder, revealing the connection to the sea serpent.

In CHINA, dragons are often painted together with a beautiful, shiny pearl. Some say it represents the wisdom of the mighty serpents, others say the white pearl is the equivalent of the full moon. According to the legend, dragons fall in love with the moon, and have gone insane trying to steal it from the sky.

The BAKUNAWA of the PHILIPPINES is leaving in the deep see. It can cause the moon and the sun to disappear. According to the ancient legends it arises from the water at specific times of the year and tryes to swallow the moon completely. Only the drums of the natives can scare it away and protect the moon, so it can shine again.


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