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How to make your work last by covering the back of all your Peyote bezels

(11 customer reviews)



  • This e-book shows you how to cover the back of 16 different cabochons in 19 ways. Some cabs are easy to cover, but there are quite a few tricky ones, especially the triangles and ovals.
  • The book teaches you the basics of bezelling a cabochon with Peyote stitch if you are a beginner
  • It’s also useful if you are an advanced level beader: you don’t have to calculate, try, rip and try again, so it saves you precious beading time
  • Your jewels get a professional finishing touch, and they will last much longer then before!



The bonuses are not included, since the promotion has ended.

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The e-book contains 19 tutorials on how to cover the back of the following cabochons with beads.
Some have multiple variations.

  • Rivoli 8 mm
  • Rivoli 10 mm
  • Rivoli 12 mm
  • Rivoli 14 mm
  • Rivoli 16 mm
  • Rivoli 18 mm
  • Round cabochon 27 mm
  • Oval 10 x 14 mm
  • Oval 13 x 18 mm
  • Oval 25 x 18 mm
  • Navette 9 x 18 mm
  • Navette 32 x 17 mm
  • Cushion cut (rounded square) 10 mm
  • Cushion cut (rounded square) 12 mm
  • Cushion cut (rounded square) 18 mm
  • Triangle 23 mm

The book is not a finished project. In the future I will add new shapes and sizes of cabochons you can cover. Each time the price of the e-book will go up a little bit. But if you buy it today, you will get all the future updates for completely free. You can even suggest what should be included!


TOGETHER WITH THE E-BOOK YOU WILL RECEIVE A DIRECTORY we put together with fellow designers and top quality bead shops with a large selection of Miyuki beads and different cabochons. Some of the participating designers and companies decided to include a bonus for you. For example you can download a free tut from Cath Thomas, shop for tutorials at Vezsuzsi’s, Katie Dean’s and my e-shop with a discount, and order new beads and cabochons from Beads of Bohemia and for a better price!

11 reviews for How to make your work last by covering the back of all your Peyote bezels

  1. Mirjam (verified owner)

    A very important bible for the beading community. It is so comfortable to use the book and to look the different shapes up for bezeling the back of stones. Erika did a great job, thank you Erika. These few stitches more make the jewellery last much more longer.

  2. wylerm (verified owner)

    A great E-Book! like alwasy are the beading steps easy to follow .

  3. Janice (verified owner)

    This is a true live beaders bible for peyote bezelling. It is more than I expected. Very professional with clear and precise instructions. Érika i salute you

  4. Judy Reed (verified owner)

    Fantastic resource! Why invest money and time to create a fabulous piece of handmade jewelry and not protect the backs of the coated crystals. This ebook gives you the tools to bezel and protect the backs of Swarovski crystals in many shapes. This is definitely a worthwhile purchase!

  5. ziva designs (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow instructions, good pictures and diagrams. Overall, the book has a nice flow.

  6. Katalin Dudas (verified owner)

    Really easy to follow and clear guidance, great ideas. It’s so great to have all these descriptions in one document! Recommended to all beaders, regardless level of experience!

  7. Christiane Brianchon (verified owner)

    Very useful this e-book … the colors and the presntation are superb. The explanations are clear. I am happy with my purchase and I recommend it to all beaders who love the impeccable finishes of their jewelry. To always keep close to me …

  8. Manuela Hamm (verified owner)

    I really love that eBook! It’s so well done and shows you how your beadwork can ne sealed on its back.

  9. Pearl (verified owner)

    I love this book! The instructions are very clear, and having the backs of my crystals neatly covered means whoever wears them will be able to enjoy them for a very long time to come. Thank you, Erika, this is great!

  10. Beverley Trenberth (verified owner)

    The ebook is full of ways to bezel different shapes and sizes. A really good addition to your beading library.

  11. Judi (verified owner)

    Great book, so many ideas to protect the backs of those coated crystals! Erika has done an excellent job of giving you the base you need to protect the backs of your projects, she also has projects she has designed so you can put the information to good use! I am very happy to own a copy of this!

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