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Storytelling Beading Contest – results!

Storytelling Beading Contest – results!

The article was written by contestant, fellow beader, and good friend Nitti – Anita Berecz, and edited by Erika.

A little while ago, during the International Beading Week, we have shared the results of the first Storytelling Beading contest. These were exciting times for both the contestants and the jury. It was a great possibility for everyone to try their skills, step out of their comfort zones, and most importantly: have fun.

We were studying and experimenting for months, trying new accessories, elements and the time came to show what we have learned. For most of us participating in a competition was a challenge on its own. And it is already a great achievement.



We have shared the idea of a contest in a broadcast of CoffeeTimeWithErika and it received very positive feedback. Shortly after three great companies became sponsors our very first beading contest: our main sponsor Matubo beads; Kalmbach publishing, publisher of the Bead&Button Magazine and organizer of the Bead&Button Show; and BEAD&jewellery Magazine – a great source of inspiration for all of us.


Sneak peek of the package received from Matubo beads


The closer we got to the deadline more details of the competition started to get its final forms: we got to know our amazing jury, the aspects of judging the competing pieces and the prizes our winners could take home.

We were in that lucky position that great designers offered their help and precious time to study our pieces and based on their best knowledge determine who becomes the winners of the very first Storytelling Beading contest.

You can read here more about the aspects and rules that were set up for the contest.


We have already introduced our jury earlier, but we cannot be grateful enough for all the work they put into the contest. So, if you have time, please pay a visit to their websites and get inspired by all the beautiful pieces:

HELENA TANG-LIM of Manek Manek

KATIE DEEN of Bead Flowers

ANNA LINDELL of Tigerguld

SUSAN SASSOON of So Sassy by Susan Sassoon


During the International Beading Week we have revealed the jewelries you have prepared. Every day one category got uploaded on The Storytelling Facebook page.

It was so amazing to see how an idea can grow wings and how freely your imagination can fly. We have seen unique color combinations, altered designs, and smartly executed marriage of several patterns.


I encourage everyone that if you have not done yet, definitely check out all the beautiful pieces, get inspired and give feedback, a compliment, because seeing all the hard work and the beautiful results, everyone truly deserves it.

You can find the photo’s here: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 and Category 3B


On the last day of the International Beading Week, together with the help of Edward, the poodle, we have announced the winners and showed the jewelry which deserved the first 3 places in each category (only first place was chosen for category 3B).


Announcing the winners in a live broadcast


Prizes offered by our sponsors:

  • 1. PRIZE
    Gift pack from Matubo Beads
    Photo published by Bead&Button (online or print – the final decision will be made by the magazine)
    50 euro gift card from
  • 2. PRIZE
    Gift pack from Matubo Beads
    Book from Bead&Button
    30 euro gift card from
  • 3. PRIZE
    30 euro gift card from
    Online subscription to Bead&jewellery Magazine


The jury had a very difficult time browsing through the entries as the level of the beadworks was exceptional.


1. category: Storytelling tutorials


Annelien Willems – 75 points

Based on the Calypso earrings beading tutorial.

Ellinor Hellhof – 72 points

Based on the Indira bracelet beading tutorial.

Katalin Dudas – 70 points

Based on the Diwali bracelet beading tutorial.



Talone Higgins – 70 points

Based on the Prague ring beading tutorial.



2. category: Storytelling tutorials


Katalin Dudas – 94 points

Based on the Tuschinski bracelet beading tutorial.


Petra Veldkamp – 91 points

Based on the Magic Mirror brooch beading tutorial.


Cathy Cundey Decina – 88 points

Based on the Mosaic Star brooch beading tutorial.



3. category: Art cabochon category – with L2Studio cabochons


Elena Lazovik – 96 points

Using an L2Studio cabochon from the Big Triangle Collection.


Sara Lilja – 90 points

Based on the Rock My Heart brooch and pendant bead embroidery tutorial, using an L2Studio cabochon from the Faceted Heart Collection.


Annelien Willems – 90 points

Using an L2Studio cabochon from the Trapezoid Collection.



+ 3.B category: Art cabochon category – with L2Studio tutorials


Shirley Moore – 85 points

Based on the Sashiko bead embroidery tutorial.



I’d like to finish with a quote from Cheryl Jackson, one of our brave contestants, as she wrote on her page Crafts on Caffeine:

“I wanted to list the things I feel I got out of it to remember what I’ve achieved.
So in no particular order.
* Experience
* Challenge
* Designing practice
* Adaptation experience/practice
* Learning more about thread path logic
* Entered my first competition
* Out of my comfort zone
* Pushing myself
* Hitting a deadline
* Colour experimentation
* Skill practice
* Learning new skills to allow me to achieve the design I wanted
* Accepting a piece is finished
* Being proud of my work
* Liking what I’ve made
* Being bolder in colour choices
* Being more experimental with bead embroidery – especially when it’s only the 3rd piece I’ve made!
* Fitting different beads together
* Doing more even and neater work (bead embroidery)
* Not giving in (…).”

Experiencing all the positive energy, the flow of ideas, enthusiasm, and creativity was a heartwarming experience.
Big hugs and huge thank you to every participant, all the jury members, and sponsors!
We are already looking forward to next time 🙂

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