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This is Christmas with designs by Erika – The Storytelling Jeweller

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This is Christmas with designs by Erika

This is Christmas with designs by Erika

Article from guest blogger and beader Zuzi Hake for Erika Sandor – The Storytelling Jeweller.

Invention of Facebook memories offered me beaded peyote star I made 7 years ago. It was for my dear friend and “American mom” when I travelled to see her at Thanksgiving. I thought it would be such a great thing to make one every year for our Christmas tree as well and create my own collection.

Bam! I’m 7 peyote stars behind, thinking of John Lennon’s first verse in “So this is Christmas” very literally. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with peyote stars. I just get busy with different (also non-beading) projects every time before the holidays that I don’t have the capacity to create. The solution is to look for fast and easy designs throughout the whole year, that can be turned into Christmas ornament by using the right color scheme.

Erika created wonderful new jewelry during her No one has to bead alone! session this year. Also, she created Facebook group, called Storytelling Beading Club, that connects beaders using her designs. We share our beadwork and brainstorm new ideas together. It’s indeed great place to be! There is a lot going on also in these days, as we reveal Storytelling Advent Calendar 2020 full of dicounts and gifts from the  bead shop.

If you look for holiday inspiration…


Cathy Cundey Decina, beady friend from our club shared picture of tree in her beading room. It is decorated with:


Katalin Dudas made a beaded angel from the Trillion design. She developed the original idea further, adding extra chatons and filigrees, decorating them with beads and crystal drops.

Katalin didn’t stop with the Trillion angel. She also made Mallarme earrings in Christmas colors. She decorated them with glass drops for extra sparkle.


Next pictures are from fellow Storytelling Club members too! Christmas ornament was created by Deb Taylor, who used Calpurnia design and transferred it into ball, instead of original cube. (Left side.) Diane Sawczyn used a filigree combined with colorful Ultra Suede, decorated with bead embroidery as we learnt with Traveller series this year. She created this beautiful ornament. (Right side.)


I made the Starlyne pendant as my first piece of Christmas decorations last year. I hope to create a heirloom collection that can be passed to someone close one day.


Rosalind Bisset made these beautiful Rella earrings in a Christmas color theme and wear them as seasonal jewelry.


Erika recently published brand new design that is perfect for holidays – it is Janis J star shaped pendant. It has tassel with rich beaded decoration that can be used as single pendant/ornament too, or earrings if you decide to create pair.

Where to begin if you want to make beaded Christmas decoration or decorate yourself? Right to these tutorials!





You can create a beautiful ornament from any of these tutorials by adding:

Don’t forget to share with us the jewelry and ornaments you create! Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Wonderful Blog update Zuzi! I had to laugh that you are 7 years behind on your beaded stars. Wow there had been a lot of new designs created this year. Our dear Erika has been quite busy. Holiday blessings to all.

    Cathy Decina
    Dec 23, 2020 Reply

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